Books I've Published

"I'm excited to present my books. These are independent projects that I have made with the help of my friends and family. 


An adorable story about a little ninja who might not be as brave as he seems. The illustrations are lovely and expressive.

Kate, (Customer - Are You Scared, Ninja)

Are you Scared, Ninja?

Ninja are known for their bravery, but when this little ninja is faced with some scary stuff, he finds out that he isn't as brave as he thought he was.

Can You Wait, Ninja? (Coming Soon)

Ninja meditate and wait for the right time to strike, but when this little ninja is tempted to eat her cupcake before the party, she uses some of her skills in relaxation and imagination to save her precious treasure.


Spook (Coming Soon)

Spook is a friendly apparition. All he wants is to make some friends, but he'll learn it's harder than he thought.